Should you be budgeting or dreaming more? Find out!


  1. Sonucun: Amazing Aries

    Feel free to get out there more this week, Aries! Make yourself seen. You

  2. Sonucun: Tender Taurus


  3. Sonucun: Glowing Gemini


  4. Sonucun: Charging Cancer


  5. Sonucun: Local Leo

    Ahhh, finally time to relax this week, Leo. Get cozy at home. Make sure your friends and family feel your love this week, in case they

  6. Sonucun: Voyaging Virgo

    This week has you wanting to explore more, Virgo. Lean into it! Try new things, whatever they are. New experiences could do you well.

  7. Sonucun: Listing Libra


  8. Sonucun: Serious Scorpio

    This is the perfect time to make goals for yourself, Scorpio. Or even to take your wishes more seriously. Start to figure out what steps you need to take in order to complete them! Make those dreams a reality!

  9. Sonucun: Stimulated Sagittarius

    Your imagination is taking center stage this week, Sagittarius! Embrace it! Let it take your thoughts in every direction, just make sure to jot them down. Y

  10. Sonucun: Connecting Capricorn


  11. Sonucun: Advantaging Aquarius

    Big career moves might be in your future, Aquarius, but only if you start taking serious steps now. Map out your goals. Figure out what you can do to help yourself AND which of your friends will be able to help you.

  12. Sonucun: Progressive Pisces


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