How to Choose a Casino in Vegas

It is a well known fact that the number 1 city of gambling is Las Vegas. It is also known for its famous nightlife, poker tournaments and luxurious casinos victory996 casino which add a feather in the cap, for the city. Nearly everyone dreams of going to Las Vegas but only few have the time or money to go the city of gambling. But even those few numbers, who are ready to travel to Las Vegas, are not sure as to which casino should be chosen to have fun and change their destiny, Therefore this article is a guideline to answer your question, which is, how to choose a casino in Vegas?


Location of the casino is an important factor which should be considered before you travel to Las Vegas. For example if you are arriving at Las Vegas through flight then it would be sensible to choose a casino which is nearer to the airport. Some casinos even provide free travel to and fro i.e. from airport to their casino and vice versa. This tip should be considered seriously as you do not want to spend most of your time traveling in the crowd with no directions. So, if you want to spend less time in traveling and more time in playing then choose a casino which is reachable as soon as you enter Las Vegas.


If you have decided to stay at the strip then find a casino which is directly connected to the strip as the strip is very long and to save your time it is always better to find a casino near it. Another advantage of renting a casino which is connected to a strip is that it is a little cheap when compared to the cost of accommodations elsewhere.

Some of the best casinos are listed below.


It is a luxurious casino with games for both adult and children. It is Egyptian themed with the casino shaped like a pyramid. The games for children include rides and other attractions (they too are Egyptian themed). For people those who are traveling with their children, this is a best place to enjoy and make your time memorable.


This is another casino online which is well known for its theme that is medieval. There are hundreds of shops and this casino is recommended to those who have children with them and enjoy shopping.

Circus Circus

This is another great casino to play in. it is named as Circus Circus due to the fact that there are circus acts every hour with some carnival events.


If you are searching for an adult casino then ‘Bellagio’ is the right place. This casino is surrounded by gondolas with a romantic setup to make your time worth spending. It is Italian themed with lot of shopping malls where you can shop almost anything.

This is not an exhaustive list but if you want to find more number of casinos with good reputations and customer satisfaction, you can always search on the net and find the ones which have positive reviews. Play only at the best casino online software’s such as Micro gaming software’s. Choosing which deposit method to use at an online casino should be done carefully. Players need to check out which option offers the quickest service, if there are any hidden costs and if the payment method is available in your country of residence.

One of the newest and most successful ways that an online casino will award a casino bonus is by awarding free entries into the slots, blackjack bonus or other tournaments. These tournaments run regularly and can offer incredible prizes which can often reach the thousands.